Business In America Can Be Daunting At Times, Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Ask For

Being in the customer service business, sometimes I will agree, the instructions that I receive from the customer don’t make sense. This happens way to often in business, and sadly if you don’t find a way to mitigate and translate what the customer wants, the business relation between customer and company can suffer greatly. Large corporations, like Wal Mart, find a way to translate what the customer wants and keep things on their budget. But other companies have a tough time understanding what the client needs, and instead they try to deliver what they believe the client wants.

Imagine if every time you went to a restaurant the chef gave you food that he thought is what you wanted instead of what you really needed? The image at the bottom will paint you a clear picture of what I mean with business, at the end, the companies are all trying to make as much money as possible out of a customer who in reality just wanted a simple solution.