Why did the US Army Ban Vibram Toe Shoes?

Vibram, the FiveFingers running shoes that were made popular by the… barefoot movement.. maybe? have been Officially banned by the US Army. But why? well… according to the memo:  They look too silly.

The official Army memo, GearJunkie reports, Vibram and any other similar shoe “that feature five separate, individual compartments for the toes” have been forever banished from the military 100% because they “detract from a professional military image.” I’ve seen the shoes before, my brother wears a pair of them, and I don’t see how the shoe has any type of support on the shoe. I’m guessing the shoes could be great for going to the lake, or doing some other type of outdoor water activity. But, military use? I’m going to have to agree with the memo.

Imagine if Police officers wore these shoes? I would have a very very hard time taking that officer serious, much less a soldier rushing at me with a bayonet. Soldiers are supposed to look “scary” that’s how they intimidate other enemies, but when you jump into the ring looking like a tree huger, intimidation jumps out the window.