Facts from Around the World: Real Statistics?

This is a pretty cool infographic. For the most part, people have different ways of looking at the world. When we don’t know anything about a country, we believe just about anything we hear. Now, add a couple of images, some graphs, and percentages and we’ll believe just about anything we see.

The infographic below is an awesome example of this human belief. A theory that claims that Americans are so Culturally Isolated that we believe we’re the best at just about anything, and that everyone else must be living in below standard levels. Those “levels” are only based on comparisons from our own lives, if we live a fairly good life, then we believe only the statics of people living worse than us. If we hear statistics about people living better than us, then we don’t believe the statistics because … were in America! and that’s just not possible.

Make sure that you read every single fact from around the world before you start making your judgements. I find that you’ll enjoy the images and facts.