How We Talk to Computers and How Computers Listen To Us

My Vehicle has a voice recognition system by Sync, a Microsoft computer used on most Ford vehicles. And let me tell you, while the computer is pretty good at understanding what I said, it does have it’s hick-ups. “call Dad Cell”… *Calling Marcel* … “NO!, Cancel!” but it’s usually to late and I’m stuck talking to Marcel for the next two hours. My phone has the same system that is used to search Google or call people by pressing a button.

Another thing that I’ve ran into problem is with the whole navigation system on the vehicle, you have to repeat your self over 20 times before the truck identifies what you are trying to say. I blame it on my accent, while I do have an accent speaking, it’s not as bad as you may think. I let my friend borrow the truck and he said that he had the same problem with the truck and his car.

So it’s not really accents, it’s more of the computer’s program trying to identify words and trying to make sense of what you are trying to say. Unlike humans, computer don’t look at a whole sentence to figure out if you said Chip, Sheep, Cheap, or Ship. It takes a word and says “here is what I think you said” not here is what I think you said because I think you meant it in this context. Check out the infographic below to see how computers hear us, and how we have created computers that are %80 effective at understanding what we have to say to them. Hopefully in the future we’ll have technology that our customer service companies can rely on rather than the current “I want to pay my bill” – *you said you want to cancel your service* … wtf? NO! *okay one moment…. your service has been canceled*

Speech Recognition
Created by: Medical Transcription