Are We Really Always Connected?

Most of the time, my work keeps me busy traveling across the state. Even while I’m at work, I find my self connected to the internet or some other social site through my cellphone, or laptop. It’s more of an addiction than anything else. If I forget my cellphone at home, or I forget to check my e-mails at night, I get this stomach turning feeling, similar to the ones I get when I go out on a trip and forget whether or not I locked the front door.  The addiction is not having to be online, but more along the lines of having the ability to be online when I chose. The infographic below puts me into most, if not, all of the categories below. Sad. I know. but the world that we live on has forced us to always be connected. Check out the statistics, how many of those do you fall under?
Always Connected
Created by: OnlineSchools.org