Why Businesses Should Start Using Pinterest For Marketing Purposes

The first time I heard about Pinterest I really didn’t know what to think of it. I searched for the site and thought the site was just another micro-blogging web site with a “like” and “share” capabilities. I then started to look through the different types of services that they had and really got addicted to the site for a little while.

The actual site uses a very simple concept, yet it’s extremely powerful and effective for companies to market their messages to the right people. You simply “pin” anything you’re “interested” in to the wall – enhancing the name Pinterest. The number of people using Pinterest continues to grow by the day, and with it will come new services. Currently the site is on the “trial” stages where you have to request an invite to get the full experience, and trust me lots of people are lining up to get the invite.

The website has a lot of potential for business marketing, the ability to pin an interest onto the page means that you can post an image or a video and reach a very large audience.  The site gives you the ability to build a following, and depending on how interesting your pins are, the further your message will broadcast out.

On pinterest you can literally put anything and everything you want on the wall, images, videos, and even recipes. LinchPinSEO put together the infographic below where it talks about how Pinterest could be the tool for your next marketing campaign.