Drink Popularity Based on Facebook Fans

Back in 2007, Facebook introduced a new feature called “Fan Pages”, which are user facebook profiles for brands, celebrities, companies, etc. Facebook Pages have additional features than a regular page, such as the ability to quickly send messages to thousands of fans, and keep track of how many people “like” your company page. For the most part, these companies use the pages very well, they have constant interaction with their fans and have very good advertisement campaigns.

After about 3 weeks of messaging people back and forth, we finally got a pretty good list of page fans, and gender. For the most part, the users of these “fan pages” are females, but regardless of the gender this is only accurate to the “facebook” population.

There is still a large number of dark figures, people who like drinks but don’t “like” the drink on facebook. Another thing that is interesting is that Red Bull, Coca Cola, and Starbucks have Millions of users. The reason these companies tower over every other company is because of their advertisement campaigns. Red Bull, Coca Cola and Starbucks combined, spends millions of dollars on their advertisement campaigns, and for good reason: It works.

Maybe Borden’s Dairy should start their campaign, they have a total of 738 Fans, but they have been growing at a steady 3-4 likes per week. Alcohol doesn’t have that many fans, the 12 Million fans are based on a combination of ALL alcohols minus the exception of Wine. Dos Equis Beer alone has over 1.2 million fans followed by Vodka.