How did Successful Companies Come up with their Names?

You know, coming up with a company logo can be both frustrating and difficult to accomplish. Not only do you need to create a logo that covers your mission statement, but it also has to incorporate your ideals, your name, and your niche… but… if you thought that coming up with a Logo like Lego on the left was hard… coming up with a company name is a thousand times harder.

For the most part, a company name has to incorporate what you do, for example, Trax Special InvestigationsĀ  does “special investigations” … it’s on the name. But what if my company name was TSI and it did not have anything else afterwards? people would eventually know what I did by word of mouth, but the name wouldn’t stand a chance against already established and successful companies. So how did Lego, or Sony get the notoriety that they have gained through their success.

At first look, you may think… how did Sony or Ikea come up with a name so popular that it got world wide recognition without the use of an actual word? well… the gallery below will explain where all of the big companies like Ebay, Lego, Sony, Ikea, Kia and so on came up with their awesome short and sweet names. I think you’ll be surprised that most, if not ALL incorporate their “mission statement” or even their “niche” on their name. Like Sony, derived from a Latin word of “Sonus” meaning “sound.”

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Via: Ebaumsworld