Battleship: The Movie 2012

If you like moviesif you like battleship… If you like Battleship so much that you need to see a 3D movie just to get the full thrill of the action, this Battleship the movie is just for you.

It’s set to come out in 2012 and from the looks of it, it’s actually not that bad… but it’s not that great either, you have the typical plot, military people going out on a training mission and they find a strange square looking thing, so they go out and touch it and it turns out to be Aliens who are here to F*** S*** up! instantly after touching the cube looking structure, the humans are placed inside a bubble looking force field which I’m guessing is going to be the battle field? and then they just start throwing weapons at each other.

You can see the trailer below, but really I think people are just running out of ideas when it comes to making movies. You know what would be a great movie? Monopoly! or heck even Guess Who! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this movie turns out. I’m sure I’ll be in the movie theaters when the movie comes out, maybe not on opening night, but I’ll be out there sometime when I’m bored as a last minute deal.