What Kind of People Cheat the Most?

How many times have you been taking a test and you look at the sample question then instantly realize that you are doomed? You answer the question and check the answer and it’s wrong… and not by a letter, you answered – what you thought was a math question – but in reality it was an English question.

It is then that you realize your neighbor is already on question number 40 while you’re still writing your name on the scantron. It is then also that you figure out you have the wrong date… this is probably when you realize you are doomed, hey at least you’ll get the 5 points for putting your name on the test right?

Well, if you are like many of the other people in the world, at this point you probably will start looking at your neighbors test for answers. Find out how many people cheat and what kind of people cheat the most.
Created by: Online Masters Degree