How to Fix the US Economy With a Faked Alien Invasion

You might not be familiar with who Paul Krugman is, but this guy won a Nobel Prize for developing the New Trade Theory a while back. Mr. Krugman is back, this time he has an better theory to help get the US out of the horrible economy that we are on.

Krugman calls for the US Government to fake a world changing Alien invasion… Here’s the plan according to Krugman:

Think about World War II — that was actually negative social product spending and yet it brought us out… If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive build-up to counter the space alien threat, and inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months. And then if we discovered, “whoops, we made a mistake,” we’d [still] be better… There was a Twilight Zone episode like this, in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace. Well, this time we need it to get some fiscal stimulus.

 Well… there you have it USA, if you need a way out of this hole, just call in the aliens you have locked up in Area 51. Realistically speaking thought, it would be very hard to fake an invasion now days thanks to blogs talking about it left and right and CNN ruining the secret mission… now we all know about it. But, we did fake one back in 1938 when a radio show played the War of the Worlds, that little “radio drama” show caused such a panic that people were actually taking their lives and causing others to hide in anti-alien shelters.

See Krugman geek out in the video below.
ComiscAlliance, via Boing Boing