Kenyan Air Force Tweets Somalis: Were Going To Bomb You!

Normally speaking when you’re about to bomb another country you have to go through some sort of medium. You have to go to the UN and tell them, “hey, you see those guys over there? we’re going to bomb them” but the Kenyan military is a little different, they actually sent out a tweet saying: “BAIDOA, BAADHEERE, BAYDHABO, DINSUR, AFGOOYE, BWALE, BARAWE, JILIB, KISMAYO and AFMADHOW will be under attack continuously,” Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, a Kenyan military spokes person,Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. They didn’t even put the # tag! Come on!!! The Kenyan military said that they know that most people in the towns listed in the tweet have internet access, and they want to send out the message to the neighboring towns.

They hope that the tweet is going to help people spread the news about the oncoming attacks the next couple of days. The Kenyan air force really needs to send out more of these tweets, or a whole bunch of innocent people are going to get hurt. The Kenyan air force is not that great, they are full of inexperienced pilots, and the planes that they posses are F-5 jets made in the 1970’s. Also the weapons that they have on board are mostly unguided bombs. The lack of pilot training and the horrible accuracy of the weapons can be the perfect combination for disaster. I wish people that don’t have twitter accounts good luck in the whole ordeal.