Lockheed Martin Hid Their Factories Underneath Canopies During WWII

During WWII Lockheed was a very important target for our enemies, it still is, but not as bad as it was then. The biggest threats of the time were spy airplanes, and the dreaded minute missiles. To protect its military installations and hangers, Lockheed was forced to hide them under large canopies that looked like entire neighborhoods. The images at the bottom are aerial and ground level shots of the base – before and after the camouflage.

To make it even more realistic, people were instructed to ride their bicycles above the canopies to make the fake “neighborhood” disguise even more real. All the while, planes were being constructed underneath the canopy.

Imagine being an enemy pilot and you just randomly start to see planes coming out of the ground? That’d be some freaky crap – “Ich schwöre! Ich sah ein Flugzeug kommen aus dem Boden!”  — Translation: I swear I saw planes come out of the ground!… yea sure Franz, stop smoking that next time you go out flying.

Before they were hidden
After the canopy was installed
Citizens rode bikes above the canopy to fake active neighborhoods
Mean While underneath the Canopy people lived a normal life... almost
Every once in a while, planes would launch from underneath "the town"