What is the Dominating Cellphone Operating System?

The Cellphone market has been overpopulated by different cellphone providers, each offering different cellphone operating systems. Everyone, from Joe’s Cellphones, to Samsung or HTC, had an operating system that was 100% different than the other. This difference made it practically impossible to navigate through other people’s phones, or to learn a new cellphone’s system when you moved to a new provider.

However, as technology changed, cellphone companies began to use a universal operating system to facilitate the learning process, and increase the stability of the operating systems. Currently, the three main competitors are Google, Apple, and Rim. Microsoft recently cameĀ  into the picture but it’s been on a down hill slope since it’s introduction.

It is estimated that one in three Americans use a Google Android operating system on their cellphones. In less than a year, Google has gone from ranking 3rd, to being in first place by a strong lead way. Every day, newer customers are switching their old analog phones to newer digital phones.

Currently, Android has 38.1% of all the US smartphone market and they are still on the rise. The chart above shows off the steady Google climb up to first place. Unless Microsoft changes their strategy, their system might have to compete against the Palm and Symbian market instead of the other companies. RIM is slowly heading towards the same direction, but I doubt they will lose a grip since Blackberry does have a strong fan base around the business world.

Via Business Insider