Nissan is working on their first mind reading car.

Self driving cars were a thing of the past. Nissan and the Ecole Polytechnique Fedreale de Lausanne in Switzerland teamed up to bring us the next big thing. It’s a mind reading car. Just think about where you want to go, and the vehicle will take us there.

The researchers are actually using a brain control machine interface that they hope will some day take us home by mere thought. The problem that they are running into is fully controlling a vehicle with your mind, this process is very difficult and the amount of concentration is tremendous. That’s why they are working hand in hand with Nissan on a system that is going to predict our next move rather than wait for our thoughts.

I’m sure we’re still years away from having a vehicle that is going to take us directly home when we’re driving from the bars late at night, but the technology that is going into this machine is amazing. Let’s hope that this thing is safe and secure, the last thing we want is for it to be infected by a virus or a computer hacker change the way the machine reads the brain. I wonder how this machine will work when you’re talking to other people in the vehicle? { Fast Company }