Working Virtual Reality Holodeck System

For years, people have been fascinated by the thought of someday being able to have a holodeck system like they did in Star Trek. The technology would have hundreds of different uses, just think about having the ability to travel to a different area of the world without having to leave your home?

Recent advancements in 3D Virtual reality systems, have shown tremendous improvements in the technology. The most recent addition to the 3D realm, comes from a company out of Japan called  Crescent Inc.

The company came up with a combination of devices and software that give the users a real time 3D interactive environment. The user places a helmet on their head, the helmet is then fed visual information through a real time rendering technology called Virtools.  This software creates a new world, using high definition cameras and image analysis software, to give the user the feeling that he is actually in another world that responds to his live input.  In layman’s terms, the helmet creates a new world around the user, combining objects found in the real world. For example, the user could be standing in front of a stool before he puts on the helmet… After the helmet has been activated, the computer recreates the stool and turns it into a tree stump, or a metal tube, etc.

The company hopes that in the future, the users will be able to experience educational tours, gaming scenarios, or even receive a form of therapy by being able to see their “character” as an avatar on a screen. Think of it as having a dream where you are aware of exactly what is going on.

Check out the video below to see how this technology is shaping up, I know it’s a bit “clunky” at the moment, but in the future, the technology may be advanced enough to be compacted on a small set of goggles.

Via Diginfo