This Boat is Made for Fishing, Electricity?

Some “green” scientist are trying to develop a ship that can go out to sea and sit there all day long collecting energy from the waves. The boats then return to the docks, and discharge the electricity on a shore bank before going back out and recharging the batteries again.

So here is the idea behind this quirky design. They will take 150 foot long boats and install wave energy harvesters on it’s side. These harvesters will collect up to 1 Megawatt of energy per hour, which is enough to power about 1000 homes, with the ability to collect up to 20 megawatts of energy before having to go back to their docking stations. The Scientist claim that this is the cheapest way to harvest energy, at about $0.15 cent’s per kilowatt.

So let’s put this into perspective– on average, we pay anywhere between .09 – .16 cents per kilowatt of energy created through our current electricity generation methods. So this new form of energy collection would be on the high end of the average scale, but at least it would be green… right?

FHCMI, via New Scientist