Get the 4S Siri on the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4s’ Siri has been very popular amongst all the usersthat now everyone want’s to have a piece of the pie without having to buy the new iPhone 4S. Why should THEY be the only ones that get all the Siri fun? I too would love to ask Siri the fun and popular questions that everyone is talking about!

But were in luck, progress is already being made to bring the personal assistant over to the iPhone 4. The project is all thanks to Steve Troughton, he’s working day and night to smooth out the port of Siri to the iPhone 4. The hack is not able to connect to the Apple servers to get data and give you amazing results, but the hack will be able to do things like manage tasks on the phone like, reading calendar events, set reminders, read texts, you know the local stuff.

Initially, Siri was going to be an app to be released to all the iOS device, but at the last minute, they pulled the plug on the app because it is believed that only the 4S is fast enough to integrate the system smoothly thanks to the dual core processors in the system. Troughton is trying to piece it all together so the iPhone 4 can run it smoothly without any problems. They need to share the love and bring the Siri to the Android market! Very unlikely, but it’s a good thought.

via YouTube