This machine ‘grows gadgets’ atom by atom

So there is a machine that is called the MBE, it’s named after a process that it uses to create everything from LED’s to laser components straight out of what seems, thin air. The engineers in the UK are actually using this machine to figure out how they can create gadgets and regular every day objects like high end electronics etc.

So just in case you are wondering what MBE Stands for it means Molecular Beam Epitaxy, which really can be translated into tiny crystalline structures that are layered together to form 3D objects. The same way the 3D printer prints the objects, except this uses Atoms.

Pretty much if this keeps on going the way it is, very soon we’ll be able to buy one of these machines, and quite literally install one in our homes, then, just like a printer at home, we’ll be able to shop online for a gadget, and have it automatically materialized in our homes. Check out the video of the day and enjoy what these scientist are making now days.