Biggest Water Jet Pack Fail

These things look fun and awesome, so basically you strap this jet pack to your back, and using water jets, you quite literally push your body out of the water. The water is taken in through a water tube, and at the bottom of the tube there is a small water craft that keeps you stable, and from getting to high up.

Now, Fox 5’s local San Diego Morning show was hosting a special about the craft and they tried to show off a dude on the water pack. The whole script was supposed to be a “welcome back from commercials” deal… but really all he said was “HELLO SAN DIEGO!!!… and then he failed… just check out the video below to see what this is all about.

Regardless of how humiliating this was for him, he’s still a lucky son of a gun for owning one of those, if the Yacht¬† in the back ground belongs to him as well, I’m probably in the wrong profession and need to make some serious career changes.

Via The Daily What