This iPhone app will let you know if there is food in your teeth!

Today’s Bite Size Story of the day is actually a pretty hand iPhone App!

Don’t you just hate when you get done eating with a friend and then you start to hit on a person for an hour before your friend finally tells you that you have something stuck in your teeth?

Well, the main reason they don’t really say anything, at least from my point of view, is that when you tell people they have food in their teeth it tends to turn the situation a little awkward. I could be the only one that saw it, and saying it out loud would bring to much un-wanted attention… whispering on your friends ear is a turn off and just plain weird… and trying to signal to him that he has something stuck on his teeth is no better than whispering.

Because of that, this awesome FREE iPhone app will let you send your friends a diagram of their mouth pointing out exactly where the food is in their teeth.  So when he’s talking to that special someone, he’ll get a discrete notification on his iPhone and then it’s up to him to take the appropriate action.

Via Toothpict