Dog Star Wars Costume: The Perfect Way To Piss Your Dog Off

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but don’t push your luck with them, that’s what  Katie Mello is doing on this picture. The poor thing is just looking at his owner going like WTF did I do to you? I’m all for showing your geekyness in any way possible, anything from cabinets, or figurines, heck even R2D2 helmets above your car, but dressing up your dog… seriously? some people go above and beyond.

Katie made this costume so her dog had something to wear this Halloween, and while she did an amazing job at the costume, the dog lost all of his dignity. She decided that her dog, Bones, was not going to be like all the other undressed lame dogs, Bones was going to have something awesome and nerdy, so she made him the AT-AT Star Wars costume.

Now all this dog needs is a Star Wars Queen and he’ll be set for Halloween night. Not sure he’s going to be very happy though.