This New Radar Pats You Down for Weapons from 100 yards away

A pat down is perhaps the most effective way to find out if someone has weapons or not. The TSA has been all over the news for patting down anything that walks in two legs and for the most part they don’t really complain to much about it.

However, military pat downs are completely different. When they perform a pat down in the field, they always put their life on the line.Patting someone down in the field always has the risk of finding a weapon on their bodies, or worse yet, have an explosive device that’s waiting for a trigger pull to kill anyone in the area.

But, thanks to SET Corporation’s Counter Bomber Radar system, dangerous pat downs might be a thing of the past. This radar unit has the ability to perform virtual pat-downs from 100 yards away.

The system uses a series of low level radar beams bouncing off people at long range to paint a sort of picture out of reflected signals. The system then compares the reflected signals to a database of signals of people who don’t carry bombs or weapons. If the radar finds something that isn’t adding up,  it will alert you that something is wrong with the person approaching the station.

The Radar system works at a distance of about 100 yards away with amazing accuracy. Currently, there are 40 of these systems already in operation in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But, at $300,000 per radar, it’s very unlikely that air ports will get these systems any time soon. After all, they still  need people to be there present when something goes wrong.

SET, via Danger Room