Moving our Entire Solar System – Are We Getting To Far Ahead With our Selves?

Honestly, I think it’s a little boring to be sitting out in the annex areas of our galaxy. We, as a human race, are sent to the back from where all the fun is – like Toby from the office – we’re cool, but the rest of the galaxy doesn’t see that. No one comes our way and says “Hey Earthiens, here’s where all the fun is!” And even if they did we have no way of transporting every single human to the “party.”

Eventually, we’re all just going to sit here and die – a little morbid I know.  If we want to live, the only alternative that we have is to go out and look for a new place to live, eventually our planets will begin to die, our sun will start to die but not before destroying the Earth first, and the rest of our galaxy will never even know we’re gone. Because of that, some scientists have brought up an idea that’s out of this world – if we can’t move humans, let’s just move our entire solar system.

Currently our only options of actually finding people, or other intelligent life, are to send out astronauts to explore our galaxy, send out radio waves hoping for a signal, or send out a probe to other planets – and we’re not good at any of those. We can’t even send out a probe to mars without having that probe crash down to Earth full of poison.  We can’t send an astronaut to Mars, but even if we could, we wouldn’t be able to bring them back. So if we can’t do that, how exactly are they planning on moving our entire galaxy?

According to the researchers, stars like our sun generate enough energy to effectively move themselves; all they need is for the sun to direct that energy towards one direction to help it move. The current method these “smart masses” have on the table is to create a sail called – The Shkadoy Thurster – this sail is a massive piece of metal — or whatever type of solar resistant material we may have. I’m not a scientist or anything, but the image I posted above is a representation of how big this “sail” needs to be. I don’t think we have enough of whatever material they need in our planet to build such a thing. And here is a better idea, why don’t we add some heaters, thrusters, and windows then just move our civilization on that thing? This thing is going to be twice the size of the sun – with that size; it may have some gravity to help us live.

A Shkadov thruster is so massive, that it can reflect 50% of the light emitted by the star that it’s built next to. Then, all of the light that hits the sail is re-directed back towards the sun effectively moving the start towards one direction. This sail will generate enough pressure that the star will effectively supply an infinite amount of net thrust in the direction of the sail. I think I’ve seen this before somewhere … check this image out.

The researchers say that the thrust will move the Sun at a speed of 45 miles per hour, but after several million years, that speed will be increasing faster and faster. Eventually one BILLION years after the project starts, the star would be traveling at 44,000 miles per hour – by that time we’d be about 34,000 light years away from our current location and since the sun has such a strong gravitational pull, it’d be dragging all of our planets along with it. Once we get to an area that we like, we can stop and run experiments on the planets around us – because one billion years from now —- that’s what we care about…

Creating a Shkadoy thruster is not going to be an easy task, even they believe that our species is about 1,000 years from having enough knowledge and technological advancements to build something this massive. But honestly, I hope that by that time, we have other more “reasonable” type of technology. Heck, one Billion years from now, we’re not even going to remember where in the hell Earth was.

Our scientist are thinking of the problems that we have right now, finding solutions that are thousands of years into the future. Instead of finding out a solution to a problem in the future, where no one is even going to remember what the problem was, why not focus on solutions that can be achieved with our current technology, something that we can solve right now?

Shkavod Thruster, via NBF