This Micro SD card transforms your Color Nook Into an Android Tablet

Okay, so you have a Nook Color, but instead, now you want to have an Android Tablet. Up till a couple of days ago, you only had one option, go to the store and spend $500 or more on an android pad.

Today is your lucky day Nook Color owners! you can now buy a $35 microSD card loaded with special software that will turn your Nook Color into a 100% functional Android Tablet!

The Nook2Android microSD hack is the ultimate beast of hacking for all the nook Color Owners. Unlike Jailbreaking or Rooting a phone, the Nook2Android hack is as easy as inserting the microSD into the tab and restarting your device. 4-5 minutes later POW! you got your self a full Android 2.3 tablet. Don’t worry about your actual Nook Reader, since you can remove the SD card and it will go back to the original version. For $35 bucks, you really can’t get better than this, it’s not the Android 3.0 but still, it’s an awesome and cheap way of extending your Nook’s life and functionality.

Nook2Android, via GigaOm