Top 25 iPhone Gadgets!

The iPhone is amazing, they not only have the most apps, but they also have a vast number of Gadgets that make the iPhone extremely versatile. The main reason so many gadgets exist for the iPhone, is because of it’s consistency in shape and style. The iPhone changes very little from model to model. While other phones change in drastic ways every other year or so.

When the iPhone came out to the market back in 2007, several companies instantly came up right behind it to make “i” things. Nowadays, you can add the letter “i” to just about anything and you’ll instantly come up in the market.  The iPhone has everything from, Bottle openers, to camera adapters and even a tripod adapters. Some of the gadgets are extremely useful, while other are just plain useless. At the end of the phone’s life, you can even use the iPhone as an iPaper Weight.

The gallery below, is just a quick gallery of the 25 most useful gadgets that we found around the internet. Hope you guy’s enjoy it.

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