Life in the Fifties Was so Much Simpler Than it is Today

Life in the fifties was much more simpler than it is today, there were fewer regulations and people just didn’t care as much as they do now. Of course, just because it was simpler it didn’t mean that it was safer. Take the image to the left for example, “Burn old flashlight batteries in the fireplace now and then. The burning zinc may help revent scoot formation, and the metals and chemicals make colorful flames.” because we all know that’s a good idea right?

Now days, don’t you ever think about doing something like that – almost everything known to man is known to cause cancer in the state of California.

Still a funny picture though, these people were our parents… the images at the bottom are just a small collection of news paper trimmings from the past that make us wonder just what in the heck were they thinking? Smoking is god for you, tape worms are the new hype, sugar keeps you skinny, no wonder we have the kind of culture we have now.