The 10,000 year Clock

Since the beginning of time, we seem to be fascinated by just that… time. We have clocks that measure just about anything, from the time it takes a particle of light to reach one part of the universe to the next, to the most accurate second of a day clocks.

While most of us use clocks to keep up with the time of the day, the 10,000 Year Clock being built on the side of the Sierra Diablo mountain out in West Texas, is focusing on a much more than just that. The Clock will ring a bell once a day, and it will open up it’s chambers to celebrate 1, 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000 year anniversaries by playing a unique animation. Unfortunately, we’ll only live to see the first two animations, the rest of them will be left out for future generations to discover.

In 5000 years or so, people are going to forget about this clock being there, and some one is going to find it on the side of the mountain and they will be determined to find a reason for the clock’s existence. If the internet is still around 5,000 years from now, they’ll find this story and figure out that it was just a publicity stunt. If the internet is not around, then they will think that on the year 12,011 the world will come to a tragic end… kind of like how we think it’s going to end on 2012.

10,000 Year Clock