Judge Tells Oracle to Re-Think their Claim Against Google

Google v/s Oracle’s war is still in the run, and it looks like it’s going to be a while before it stops. Originally Oracle sought $2.6 billion, but it’s theories were dismissed and Judge William Alsup told them to go back home and rethink the figures. He stated that they should start the lawsuit at about $100 million, and then work it up from there.

Oracle will once again be given the opportunity to present their new report in the new October trial. I’m sure it’s going to be more than $100 million, but from the stand point of things, it’s looking like Oracle might be on the loosing end of the deal. The judge did state that Oracle should narrow it’s focus from Android to more specific infringement of Features. Which is kind of like telling Henry Ford, yea you did put wheels and engines on frames, but you didn’t develop the SUV, so you can’t sue us for that… just focus on your Model T only. We should have a better idea of how this whole thing will play out later in the year.