Five Reasons why you Should Join Google Plus

Google plus’ addition to the social media realm has been a bitter sweet one. Many people are still in the process of joining the service which makes it crappy since you really don’t have all of your friends over from Facebook. At the same time, it’s pretty sweet because they managed to change the rhythm of the social world.

Social media has changed so much in the last 4 years. Now days, people have different choices on what sites to use etc. The three main ones being Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, followed by other smaller companies like MySpace (an EX giant) and Xanga. Each one of the social networks has the ability to offer people different benefits and advantages over the other. Unfortunately, not one single social site has the ability to offer EVERYTHING on one site. So, these are the top 5 reasons of why you should join Google Plus over Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Google Plus has the ability to mute your social media outlet by adding people to specific circles. Meaning that if you don’t want to seeĀ  post updates from certain people, you can effectively put a volume at how many of the posts and how often you see them.
  2. You can hang out with people! Facebook just recently got the ability to play video on their chat box. This is great, but unfortunately you can only chat with one person at a time. Google “Hangouts” gives you the ability to hangout with several people at the same time. The camera changes from people to people depending on which one is talking the most. We’ve tried it out several times, and it really makes it feel like you are actually hanging out with a person in a small room.
  3. You can actually huddle with your friends. A huddle is a private group chat where you can discuss anything by topic or just find out what is happening among your friends privately so no one else can see what is going on.
  4. Google+ actually gives you the ability to +1 people’s posts. If you don’t already know what +1 is, it’s actually a way to rank things on Google’s Search. This is actually very good for companies who want to get weight added to their posts.
  5. Google offers a bit more security than Facebook, as we all know, Facebook has some serious problems with their security. Every day we see another fake post that spams everyone’s wall. You know, the “spider under the skin” or “you wont believe what this girl did” or any other posts that automatically Spams your friend’s walls.

These are just 5 reason we like about Google, of course there are many more features that we like about google, but the main ones are the Circles, Hangouts, and Security.