Flying Piggy Banks Accept all Types of Currency

One of the biggest problems with having a piggy bank has always been the fact that you are limited to what kind of money you can put into the bank.  For the most part, you are very limited to either Coins or bills, but not with the Flying piggy banks! they are willing to accept all types of currency!

The Flying Piggy Banks were designed by Galerie Brigitte, and they feature a + opening at the top of the piggy bank, giving you the ability to drop in a wide variety of coins and paper bills.

The new + slot opening is meant to make the whole task of dropping bills into the flying pig a whole lot easier, and since bills are worth more than coins, this would be a great investment! The pigs come in three sizes, Small, Medium, Or Large, depending on how much money you want to save up.

This completely beats my current piggy bank, a small Rhino Gas Tank that you buy at the store, just cut a slit big enough to put money inside it, and you’ll be forced to leave the money in the tank since you really don’t have an easy way of getting it out.

Via: Yanko Design