Are we addicted to Social Media?

Social Media has become such a strong part of our lives, that many of us can not go more than 2 hours before checking our social networks. I for once, check my Facebook before I head to bed, while I’m in bed, and before I get up from bed, and half of that time there is no real purpose of checking Facebook or twitter, half of the time I receive the news through a couple of updates, the other half, I find out that my friends went out the night before to paint the town red.

So… how often do you check in on your Social site like Facebook or Twitter? better yet, how many times have you been interrupted while you have been doing the “deed” with your loved one? according to the infographic below the number is pretty high. Over half of us check facebook on our iPhones at least once a day, me included, and nearly 11% of young adults are interrupted during the “deed” this is pretty bad if you ask me.

Are we in to deep? Are we to addicted? or “can we quit when we want”?

Via: Social Steak