An Honest Swedish Army Commercial – What if All Commercials Were this Honest? [video]

The military is full of awesome commercials and posters, I’ve seen awesome – satellites about to get hit by other satellites and an entire team of military specialist from the air force are working together to avoid the impact. I’ve also seen the one where the US Navy Seals are out on the desert and they are about to get hit by snipers, but a drone with super awesome technology tells where the snipers are – the seals use a HUD to display their locations.

But at the end of it all, it’s just a commercial. People that actually enter the military hoping to play with these awesome toys never even get the chance to see them, much less use them.

What the military will do for you, is train you to be a better person, it will prepare you for a life that normally you wouldn’t be prepared for. That’s the real military – but at the age of 18 who want’s to hear about getting prepared for life, right?

Well, the Swedish Army has a commercial that talks about getting you ready for life, and while this commercial may not intrigue the high adrenaline rush 18 year old kids, it doesn’t lie to them. This commercial is very well put together, it’s aimed towards people that want to get something out of life through the military. The video posted above has all the bells and whistles of an American made commercial, with an awesome ending.