Google feature lets you search with an Image instead of a word

Today, Google announced it’s brand new feature, this feature will allow you to Search by Image, all you do is upload a picture to the server, and Google will find every single image that it has stored in it’s “Google Images Servers”

The Feature will allow you to either Upload an image directly into the server and add it to the already huge number of images found on the internet, or you can stick in an image URL and it will run everything on the internet and match it against a picture.

Perfect for when you want to find all your images online, this is a great tool for bloggers who want to use images and give credit to the original owner of the image, or when you find that random image online that you have no idea where it originated, you can now search for the origin by sticking that image on here.

You can also put a picture of a person and Google will find images similar to that person, if you want to give it a shot try it out here images.google.com , they are still rolling it out online so if you don’t see the image at first, wait a few minutes and try again.

Via: Dvice