Did Russia have Titanium Super Soldiers During WW2?

According to Pravda, a well known Russian news source just recently published an article claiming that an an American historian wrote a book about a top-secret highly experimental program that allegedly turned 300 Soviet soldiers into Super Soldiers during WWII… Okay, so this is probably fake, but then again, there were hundreds of experiments done during the WW1 an WW2 eras. Everything from spying with mental powers, outer body experiences, and even trying to levitate etc.

Allegedly…between 1936 and 1941 the Soviet Union created 300 young Soviet soldiers and completely modified their bodies. One of the first experiments, according to the book, was implanting the soldiers brains with gold electrodes to shut down the pain center.

Time to sound like Billy Mays here, But Wait, There’s more!!!:

Their limb bones were replaced with titanium implants that protected the soft tissues against landmines or shells, as well as from gunshot injuries. In this case, any injury was not threatening and would not cause crushing bones and amputations. During his “investigation” Sergei Konovalenko came across a copy of a video tape intended “for official use.” The footage looked horrible: a soldier’s leg is cut at the knee and the bone is pulled out, then something metallic is tucked in its place. At the same commentator says that the operation is performed without anesthesia, as the pain center was removed from the human brain. The soldier exposed to these brutal manipulations is smiling. In the second part the soldier’s arm is cut off at the elbow — a fountain of blood is splashing. And again, the “volunteer” has a humble smile on his face.

So what happened? why did their super soldiers die out? well… unlike the movies, Pravda says that the units were sent out to fight on the first day of WWII and the soldiers were completely obliterated by German Artillery. So basically all the research went to waste since they were unable to stand up against flimsy artillery… what kind of super soldiers are those!?!

After the war, Nuclear Weapons rendered the super soldiers useless since obviously they couldn’t stand up against artillery shells. I first read this story on Dvice and started to do some research of my own, and like Evan, I was unable to find anything regarding the 300 super soldiers. I’m not saying that Pravda made all of this up, but it’s to complex for the time to be real. Plus, taking bones straight out of the body? we can’t even do that now without complications, much less over 60 years ago. Now this is of course a “super secret” government experiment so I doubt I’ll be able to find anything so we’ll just have to give Pravda the benefit of the doubt, or it could be the work of hackers.

Via Danger Room