Chinese Man Builds a Home Made iPad

So you want an iPad but you cant afford to go out and buy one? or maybe you don’t have enough kidneys to sell one in the black market. If that’s a problem for you, then why not build your own?

This Chinese man built one from things that he had laying around his home. Soooo…. it’s not really an iPad because it runs on Windows XP, and it’s about 2 times fatter than a real iPad. But… it does have a touch screen, so really it’s more like a touch screen laptop than anything else.┬áThis is no iPad 3.. heck it’s not even an iPad v.o0001 but its an awesome attempt at a do-it-yourself tablet.

Total build time was 2 weeks Check out the video below so you can see this thing in action, also if you want to learn how to make one, check out this 15 minute long video where he makes it start to finish!

Geek.com via Dvice