Iron Man Drawing Made Of Pee Wins Top Art Award

When a person tells me “I’m an Artist” the first thing that comes to mind is “how do you eat?” it’s very difficult to make money as an artist – unless you have some weird art form, even then, you better have weird people wanting to purchase your art.

Then you take this art graduate student from Taiwan who claims he found his “art form” while he was peeing one day and found blood in his urine. He started to draw Iron Man and shortly after he had his revelation. He began to drink pigments to give his urine a different color, from Black, to Green. He then began to draw the characters in his toilet bowl and using spit he was able to add extra detail.

In order for him to start the painting process, he needs to find a bowl that has the Iron Man’s helmet shape, then he urinates around the edges of the bowl and allows the… liquid to softly stroll down the side and into the bowl to create the shadows in the helmet.

I’m not sure about you, but I think this man is probably going to be the only one that can pull this off. It’s like Picasso, a 9th grader can do better than that, but since he’s the first one and only one to do it, you can clearly see why people would appreciate this art form… but urine art? That’s pushing it too far.  [Micgadget]