What would Happen if Apple Buys Hulu?

So there is this rumor going around that Apple is thinking about joining into the bidding war for the acquisition of Hulu. According to Deadline, the deal would come with a 2 year exclusive rights from the content provider involved and at minimum 5 years of programing guaranteed.

We all know that Apple is very good at bringing us media, so hulu would actually get a revamp to their service. The only problem is that Apple also LOVES to charge you as much as possible so the price might go up if that is the case. There are several things apple could use Hulu, for starters they could incorporate the service into their cellphones. But more importantly, Hulu would be an awesome compliment for the Apple TV.

Technically speaking, we would be given the option of having Hulu, iTunes, and Videos on the television, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Since this is currently just a rumor I’m just basing this article on previous experiences with Apple products.