Bullet HD Action Camera

When I first saw the name and the picture to the right the first thing that came to my mind was, “wow, they actually managed to put a camera inside of a bullet?” and then common sense kicked in. I was picturing gun fights with real “bullet time” and stuff. But, even though my imagination was crushed after the description, and seeing the size of the camera, the Rollei’s Bullet HD Action Camera is still very cool. Check out the video at the bottom to see the quality of video you can take with this camera.

It’s not as small as a real bullet, I don’t think that would be possible right now, specially not on HD. But it’s still small enough. The camera is about the size of your hand, but it works like a charm.  The Rollei Bullet HD is actually equipped with a 12 megapixel CMOS Sensor and has the ability to take 170 degree wide angle video and pictures.It records in 720p and has a small microSD car slot for added memory space when you are on the run.

 The pack comes bundled with a 4 GB microSD card and will be shipping out later this month with a reasonable price of $350. Via: Technabob