The Scale of the Universe 2

By far one of the coolest sites available to anyone with a nerdy bone for learning about the universe. The Scale of the Universe 2 site is like the Hitchhiker’s Guide for any possible living organism or thing in the universe, more or less pertaining to Earth; however, there are plenty of objects that are outside of the Earth.

Anyone interested in spending time learning small facts about the universe should check out this site. The further you scroll to the right the bigger things get and vice-versa to the left. Each object can be clicked on to learn the size and a fun fact.

The creators of this site Cary and Micheal Huang have done an amazing job as well as the musical composer Kevid McLeod. Personally, this site would be an excellent tool to use in school science classes. If you want to run the app, simply click on the button at the bottom to get it started. Definitely a great work that needs to be checked out!

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