Weird Art Created With Germs yes Bacteria is Apparently Beautiful

The video that you just saw was actually created by using nothing but bacteria. Who knew that bacteria could look so cool? You will either be disgusted or amazed, I was a bit more on the latter side but I was still very impressed by the whole thing.

This completely beats the images that are collected by the electron microscopes, you know the one that makes a fly look like something out of an alien world? or something like a strand of hair appear to be a tree stump.

This type of art form is called Microbial Art, and it’s created using living bacteria, fungi and protists and other types of germs. They grow the bacteria in such a way that it creates arts, the bacteria are lit up thanks to their bio-luminescent capabilities, which just makes them look a bit cooler. This is where Science and Art meet… in the awesome bacterial kind of way You may want to check out  Bit Rebels since they have a lot of other pictures in their post. I just loved the video though!