Nintendo 3DS Gets Netflix 3D Movies!

Netflix announced yesterday that Nintendo 3DS owners across the United States and Canada would be able to download a free application that would allow a Netflix Member to watch Movies and TV episodes as long as they had an active internet connection. They said that very “soon” 3DS owners will have the ability to watch “select movies” on 3D via their system. As long as the movies are not “Battle OF Los Angeles” which is different than “Battle: Los Angeles” or “Transmorphers ” this should be pretty good.

According to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fills-Aime “the new Netflix application looks great, plays great, and is a fantastic consumer experience!” Currently you can only see the movies in 2D, so while this is awesome news for 3DS users, it’s not fully developed yet… If you own a 3DS you can download the application for free from the Nintendo eShop just so you can be ready when the movie library opens up.

If  you have a 3DS but don’t have Netflix, remember that the prices just recently went up, the streaming membership starts at $7.99 a month. So, while this is awesome news, it’s a little early to celebrate.