Teenage Girl in China Offers to Trade Her Virginity for an Iphone

Every once in a while we hear extreme news that makes us wonder, “W.T.F Mate?” If this story is true, this would make the second extreme tradeoff for an Apple product. Not long ago we heard about the Chinese Teenager who sold his kidney on the black market to buy an iPad 2. Which was an extreme trade off, but now a Chinese girl offered up her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4…

Biznewschina reported that a young female born in the 90’s, tweeted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, that it is her “dream to own a iPhone4 but her father won’t let her get one.” The girl posted a picture of her self on a website and added some personal information about who she was and what she liked etc. Similar Information that you would find on a Dating site, she then offered to sell her virginity to anyone who buys her a new Apple Iphone.

She got some mixed responses to her post, while some people tried to talk some sense into her by telling her the iPhone is not worth the trade, others joked that she should wait for the iPhone 5 release in September. I’m going to have to agree with the people that said It’s not worth it.

By now, I’m sure her father has gotten the news of his daughters “plans,” and I don’t know what I would do if I was in his position. Punish her, she’ll run off with a stranger. Buy her the phone, she’ll try to pull this stunt every time she want’s something.  This is one of the downfalls of technology, it connects us to a number of individuals who may have shady backgrounds. It started off in the chat rooms, then it moved over to social sites, but now it’s the other way around. For the first time people, mostly teens, are looking for these strangers who are willing to try, do, or buy anything to get  their next victim.