Lytro Camera System Allows You to Take Pictures Now and Focus Later

We’ve all been there, one of those moment’s where you take a picture of a person, only to find out that something extremely awesome is happening in the back ground. When that happens, you keep on face palming your self because the image is way too blurry and not even Facebook’s self proclaimed photo critics let you forget about it.

That’s Where Lytro comes into the “picture” … when you take a photo using the Lytro camera, the picture actually focuses on the entire scene. After you upload the image to your computer, you can click on different parts of the image to focus on that area, whats even better is that after you share your images with the world, they too can click on the images to control what part of the photo you want to focus on. Test it out on the image below: Touch the image once to focus on that part of the picture, touch it twice to zoom in.