Droid 4 Picture – Unannounced Picture Apperance

I don’t really like to post to much stuff about Rumors, but since I’m a Fan Boy of the Droid, earlier today I came across this picture and thought I’d share it. I got it from Droid Life and apparently it’s supposed to be the Droid 4.

The D4 is going to be a Droid RAZR but with a keyboard. It has a 4-inch display, 4G LTE compatibility for Verizon Wireless’ network, a 1080 HD Video capture support, it even has an HDMI output port. From the looks of it, it’s finally adding the front facing camera and it’s going to have the same processor as the Droid RAZR a 1.2 GHZ TI! If Google really want’s to push this out, I’m sure it’s going to include the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. But since there are no official release notes online, there isn’t any actual information about all the cool features the Droid is going to have.