The Sport of Planking claims it’s first life

The Sport of planking, (no it has nothing to do with the antics of pirates making you walk the “plank”) is the action of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, in unusual public spaces and photographing it for other to enjoy. It has started fan pages on Facebook, and has gotten media attention world wide. An Australian Facebook group has denounced May 25, 2011 as the first official National Planking day.

While this may seem like simple fun, it can be quite dangerous. If you look at the video below, it looks like an episode of South Park as even police officers are calling it “episodes of planking” And today Planking actually claimed the life of a “Planker” as he fell from a 7 story building to his death. Not to devalue his death but it could be avoided %100 if he had been smarter than what he was working with. He laid flat on a rail less than 5 centimeters in width, lost his balance and fell, ending his career as a “planker”.  Really, not trying to make fun of anything, and I feel sorry for his death, but this isn’t a sport. This is putting your self in danger for the amusement of others.

In the famous words of Dwight Schrute – Try not to be an idiot, ask your self “will an Idiot do that thing, if the answer is yes… try to not do that thing” in short, be smarter than what you are working with. Watch the video below to see the news covered by Newsy


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