How Much Does The Internet Weigh? About as Much as a Very Large Strawberry

Who knew that the internet actually weighed anything? The video above explains that the entire data found on the internet weighs about 50 grams, so just about the size of a very large Strawberry. It takes about 100 million servers to store the entire internet, which is actually millions of pounds, but the actual data weighs of the data is 50 grams.

Vsauce claims that the electrons in motion actually have weight behind it, don’t ask how all of this fits together to make data into a weight number but it works a little like this. When you make a program or write documents and save them onto a hard drive, the binary numbers are actually created from electrons. Since electrons have mass, this means that documents actually have some sort of weight behind it. An entire Kindle full of documents actually weighs 10 to the -18 grams … that’s a 0 with 17 zeros behind it. Nuts uh?

YouTube, via Laughing Squid