New Anonymous Group Calling for World-Wide Reform

Anonymous sure has a way of getting the attention of a whole bunch of people. Almost every time someone comes up with a video of Anonymous, the video tends to go viral. A new webpage called What Is The Plan? opened up on June 15, 2011, that appears to be a front page for the now-infamous group Anonymous. The website claims that while they are Anonymous, and many of their ideas are espoused by “Anonymous” group we all know of, this version of the group does not support violence or illegal actions. They refer to the group of “hacktivists” that uses the name “Anonymous” as “AntiSec”, which appears to have ties to the group called “LulzSec” which has also hacked some notable websites.

One of their main messages is:



While some who share the ideas of Anonymous are indeed hacktivists, this is not a community that deals with that form of protest. We are strictly online/street activists.

They are still considered anonymous in the literal, dictionary-definition sense of the word. This could be another fan group or it could really be a very well-organized type of street activists. The video at the bottom was uploaded to Youtube a couple of months back.

With this video it seems as if Anonymous has gone live with their war against the system. They simply call this new movement “The Plan”. This is a global movement that has three phases. Currently, the group is on PHASE 1: “Better yourself. Spread the message. Be the message.” So let’s see what happens next. Here are the two videos they posted on their website about “the movement”.

“You feel there is something wrong with the world, you don’t know what it is, but it’s there… like a splinter in your brain… driving you mad”