The New ISS Cameras to Stream Live HD Video of your Home from Space

Being a PI, one of my most useful tools is Google Earth, it gives me a visual representation of where I’m going to be the following day, it also allows me to plan my routes, or set ups in high risk locations. However, a company called UrtheCast is going to attach a high definition video camera with an extremely powerful zoom in lens to the side of the International Space Station. The camera will be sending down live video footage of the Earth 24/7, with enough resolution to see your self waving from space.

UrtheCast is partnering up with the Russian Space Agency to install the two multi million dollar cameras on the ISS later this year. They hope that by mid 2012 this setup will be able to take 30 mile wide pictures with a resolution of 18 feet per pixel. This camera will be about as good as Google Earth’s camera, however their Video Camera is going to be a different story, it will be able to stream about 3.25 frames per second at an awesome resolution of three feet per pixel.

The only difference between UrtheCast and Google Earth is the fact that you won’t be able to direct the camera to any actual direction when ever you want. Since the camera will be attached to the ISS, we will be stuck with a small viewing angle. The ISS orbits the earth about 16 times a day, anywhere between 52 degrees south latitude, and  52 degrees north latitude. Fortunately you can go to the UrtheCast website and use their tools to figure out exactly when the camera will be passing over your heads, IF you are on it’s path you might be able to get a pixel in the picture.

Here is an idea, get a couple of your friends together, have a couple of people dressed as zombies, by couple I mean a good 200 or so, and have 5 or more other people run away from them shooting at them… $20 bucks who ever pulls that stunt will go viral, Real Life Satellite Television who wouldn’t want to see that?

UrtheCast, via Calgary Herald