The Republican Party is Afraid the Iowa Caucus Might Get Hacked by Anonymous

The Republican Party is afraid that anonymous hackers are going to be targeting the Iowa caucus polling system. The Iowa caucus, is perhaps one of the most influential state appearances for a presidential candidate because it’s always been the first step to get nominated.

The GOP believes has reason to believe that Anonymous is going to change the results and ruin the republican’s chance of winning the state… I wonder why?

The video above was allegedly posted by Anonymous, it calls for all of their supporters to “peacefully” shut down the Iowa caucus. If you know anything about previous attacks, “peacefully,” means hacking into computers or sitting out in front of buildings. The reason they are doing this is because of how corrupt the political system is in the US. The GOP thinks that the Iowa caucus is going to be corrupted by hackers, they will modify the votes, crash the website, and cause them to lose.

According to the AP, in response to the video, the GOP is going to increase their security, they believe that by boosting security of the electronic systems, they will make sure that no one tampers with their computers. The party is not talking about what strategy they are going to use because they think that the hackers will try to go around their security. “they want to surprise the hackers” when they try to take the site down.